Are you looking for a practitioner who listens to you and treats you as the individual you are?

Larissa Jane Naturopathy


"Naturally cautious, I quickly realised Larissa is THE one stop naturopath. Capable, diligent, knowledgeable, warm and open, a great listener and skilled at asking the right questions, Larissa builds rapport and informs, works on the whole picture of health to solve specific issues, and is easy to talk with. Larissa continues to work on health issues medical providers could not sort out, with impressive results. I am delighted to have Larissa caring for the health of my family."

- Yasmin M.

Meet Larissa

BHSc (Naturopathy)

2018 ANTA Graduate Award

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Most chronic illness responds well to naturopathic treatment.  This is because treatment is individualised and focuses on improving the whole person instead of treating the symptoms of the condition.

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West End, Brisbane

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