Does worry

Is constant worry interfering with your quality of life?

We all worry about things from time to time.  You might have a new job or you're going away on a holiday and there's lots to do.  Often this resolves once things settle down or the event passes.  

Excessive worry is different.  If you find it hard to relax or to go to sleep at night, you may be experiencing anxiety.

Other symptoms that are associated with anxiety include:

  1. Increased irritability

  2. Difficulty concentrating on tasks

  3. Restlessness

  4. Fatigue

  5. Digestive disturbances

When you are on high alert all the time (fight/flight), your body cannot rest and repair.  This can be very detrimental to your health, especially your digestive system and immune system.  It also interferes with the normal function of your hormones and can lead to problems with menstruation and even your thyroid function.

How can Naturopathy help you?

  1. Your diet and lifestyle play a huge role in your nervous system and adrenal function and this is a main focus of treatment as well as the prescription of specific nutritional supplements to correct deficiencies.

  2. Herbal medicine offers safe, effective treatment to improve your sleep, mood and digestion.  Some of these can be used short term while other changes are made but many can be incorporated in your regular routine as teas or in your foods.  

  3. Naturopathy also works in conjunction with other therapies including psychology, massage therapy and acupuncture, as well as your General Practitioner as needed.  If you are currently taking prescription medications, these will be carefully assessed before any herbal or nutritional medicine are prescribed as there can be herb and nutrient/drug interactions.  

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