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Frequently asked questions: 

How can naturopathy help me?

Naturopathy views health as a balance of mind, body and spirit, with a focus on looking at the patient as an individual rather than a collection of symptoms. Everything is connected, for example, what is happening with your gut will relate to how you feel in your mind. Rather than putting a bandaid and solving a symptom, naturopathy is about looking at you as a whole person influenced by your environment, your job and your diet. 

Naturopaths are guided by six principles: 

1. Do no harm

2. The healing power of nature 

3. Identify and treat the causes 

4. Doctor as Teacher 

5. Treat the whole person 

6. Prevention

What can I expect in my first consult?

In the beginning, I will gather information about your health concerns.  This will include a thorough medical history, dietary assessment and analysis of any pathology results you bring with you.  At that time I may request further testing to provide me with important information about specific areas that we are working on such as hormone testing or comprehensive gut function assessments. We will also discuss all the factors that play a part in health including how well you sleep, how much stress you have in your life as well as how you like to relax. At the end of this consult, I will give you a plan that steps out the progression of your treatment and what you can expect from each visit.  Most people will require a minimum of four visits to see the positive changes they want with, each visit being an opportunity to increase your vitality and begin living your best life.

What does a treatment plan usually involve?

A treatment plan is designed by me specifically for YOU! It involves dietary and lifestyle recommendations (there may be some changes to your current diet), as well as mindfulness techniques and nutritional supplements to correct deficiencies and support your health. While we aim to use food as much as possible, sometimes short-term supplementation is needed to balance the body. 

Herbal medicine is also utilised to support the body while rebalancing takes place and can provide support for your nervous system, improve sleep and daytime energy levels. 

I'm a bit nervous to start this journey, what is your advice? 

It is normal to feel nervous about change, especially when the change will affect your health and lifestyle. The fact you are here reading this means you want to change your life for the better, and you should feel proud for taking this step. Naturopathy is not invasive, nor is it scary. If you ever feel nervous, just remember why you wanted to take this step in the first place. Your future self will thank you. 

I don't have the biggest budget but really want to get my heath in order

One of the biggest factors of an unhealthy lifestyle is the preconception that to be healthy is going to break the bank. It's simply not true. I encourage you to write down what you currently spend on take-out, alcohol, night's out, quick fixes and netflix subscriptions. You may be surprised to the amount it adds up to. Naturopathy focuses on supporting your health through diet and often your grocery cart will remain within your budget, the contents will just be different! I can also give you great recipe tips, advice on making the most of your shopping budget and supplements are only prescribed when necessary. I have extensive experience in not just naturopathy but also life, and as a mum of three, I know how important a budget is! 


Do you have another question you'd like answered before booking in? 

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