Most importantly I will listen to you - we are all unique


What are your health concerns; have you been feeling unwell for a long time and have not been able to find any solutions?

Do you have a chronic condition and are finding that medications are not effective anymore or only work on some of your physical symptoms?

Are you trying to lose weight but are finding that diet and exercise are not helping you to reach your goal?

Are you finding it difficult to cope with the stress in your life? Have you tried medication but are still experiencing symptoms?

Would you like to explore other options and feel empowered about your decisions?



I have the tools and resources to support you.  I will design a healthcare plan based on your individual needs and address all aspects of your health including physical, mental and emotional as well as the underlying cause of your condition.  My role is to guide you in making positive changes to your life, through diet and lifestyle, that are aimed at balancing your body and creating an environment that supports your own innate ability to heal.  I use herbal and nutritional medicine to correct deficiencies and to improve the function of organs and tissue.  I understand that all body systems are linked and so nothing is done in isolation - the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts and this is true of us too! 

And because we all have different schedules, I offer both in-clinic, online and home visit appointments as required.


Most chronic illness responds well to naturopathic treatment.  This is because treatment is individualised and focuses on improving the whole person and the underlying cause, instead of treating the symptoms of the condition.  


The following conditions have positive outcomes with naturopathic treatment:

  • anxiety

  • chronic fatigue

  • adrenal dysfunction

  • thyroid dysfunction

  • female reproductive hormone dysfunction including PMS, endometriosis, PCOS, perimenopause and menopause 

  • IBS and other digestive dysfunction including SIBO

  • Insulin resistance

  • obesity 

  • Immune dysfunction including autoimmune conditions, allergies and food sensitivities 

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