PMS and period pain

Do you experience painful, heavy periods?

Many women dread their monthly period because it's associated with symptoms such as bloating, pain, changes in mood  as well as heavy bleeding.  Other women experience irregular cycles with long periods of time where they have no period or dysfunctional bleeding.  All these things are not 'normal' even though we've come to believe that period pain and PMS are part of being a woman.


Your menstrual cycle is regulated by a group of hormones including estrogen and progesterone.  Often the balance between these hormones is lost and this can cause the symptoms that we have come to expect each month.  There are many reasons that this can happen, with diet and lifestyle playing a major role.  Cortisol production can disrupt estrogen levels by reducing metabolism and excretion as well as promoting fat accumulation that can increase the amount of circulating estrogen.


The Pill can be a very convenient form of contraception but it is not without side effects.  It can also interact with nutrient absorption and lead to nutritional deficiencies.  These effects can be reduced with corrections to your diet and supplementation.


It's so important to understand your body and what is the best decision for your health.  I can provide you with knowledge so that you can make informed decisions about what is right for you.



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