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5 ways to support your immunity this season

With the cooler weather on it's way, now is a good time to ensure your immune system is working well to protect you. Here's 5 simple things you can incorporate into your daily routine to ensure your body is strong and vital this winter.

  1. Boost your intake of immune nutrients vitamin C and zinc. Both of these are well known for their ability to help keep your immune system strong. Vitamin C is also a really great antioxidant, meaning that it works to reduce the severity of cold symptoms like sneezing, runny nose and watery eyes. Zinc also works to help your body fight off infections like colds. Both zinc vitamin C can be taken as a supplement, or as part of a healthy diet. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits and brightly coloured vegetables, like capsicum, carrots and broccoli, and good sources of zinc include red meat, brazil nuts, chickpeas and pumpkin seeds.

  2. Probiotics work to restore the balance of good bacteria in your gut. When your gut is healthy, your immune system works better and this means that you are more likely to fight off infections and get better faster if you do get sick. Probiotics can be taken as a supplement either as a capsule or added to a smoothie and sprinkled on your favourite cereal. There’s a lot of different probiotics on the market, and it’s important you work with your naturopath to ensure you take the right one for your needs.

  3. Medicinal herbs like Echinacea and Elderberry can help to boost your immunity. Echinacea can be taken to help guard against illness and Elderberry can help your body fight off infection and get better quicker. It's always a good idea to consult your naturopath about which herbal medicine is best for you.

  4. A good night's sleep is really important for your immune system as it gives your body time to repair and rejuvenate. The average adult requires seven to nine hours of good, quality sleep each night. By setting a night time routine, and leaving screens off in the hours before bed, you give your body the best chance to get the most amount of shut eye

  5. Getting out in nature helps to keep your immune system strong. Taking a walk in the park or a stroll by the river allows your body to stay in a state of rest and digest as opposed to fight or flight.

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