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It's the Vibe of the Thing!

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Our emotional state plays a huge role in our physical health and often illness is preceded by some kind of imbalance in this area. Have you ever looked back after being sick to discover that there was something you were struggling with emotionally or that it had been a particularly stressful time in your life? We are affected by the energy that surrounds us; in our environment as well as from other people who we interact with. Thoughts are also energy and have an effect on our physical being and can result in the development of physical symptoms. These influences can alter the normal function of our body and lead to a loss of homeostasis or balance. Flowers have been used for their healing qualities for hundreds of years. The powerful energy that flowers absorb from the sun can be used to help rebalance our body’s own energy and support our own innate ability to heal.Australian Bush Flower Essences use Australian bush flowers to make essences that support emotional and mental healing. Their effects are gentle yet powerful and are often a catalyst in a person’s healing process. Flower essences can be used in conjunction with other treatments including pharmaceutical and herbal medicine as well as nutritional supplementation. They have no side effects and are gentle enough to be used with babies and pregnant women. Flower essences are used as part of a naturopathic treatment plan and an individualised prescription is made for each person. A single essence can be used, or a combination of several different flowers may be indicated. The remedy is then taken in the morning and at night for two weeks and then reassessed. Often there is a shift in both the person’s physical and emotional health following the prescription leading to further improvements in health and, just as importantly, a clearer vision for their way forward. If you are struggling with a health condition and have tried everything but are not seeing the improvements you desire, I recommend considering a flower essence to support your treatment. I can make you an individualised remedy at your next appointment

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